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Pin Board

Inside Dimensions: l: 117 cm x w: 148 cm / exclusively needles

Outside Dimensions: l: 125 cm x h: 207 cm

Material: frame and legs chrome, on rolls

Flip Chart

Dimensions: writing pad: 68 cm x 98 cm

Material: legs chrome

Miscellaneous: including a writing pad and pencil,
3- or 4-legged


Dimensions: l: 70 cm x w: 100 cm, h: 120 cm

Material: wood / metal

Miscellaneous: lectern, labelling is possible (to insert film print 15 cm x 75 cm)


Dimensions: l: 100 cm x w: 92 cm, h: variable

Material: wood grey / black

Connections: 1 x 220V socket, 1x connection laptop / projector, 1x port for audio, 2x micro connectors, 1x switch for LED illumination of work area, 1x switch for adjustable lectern (up/down)

Miscellaneous: electrically adjustable (for height of 150 cm to 210 cm) lectern labelling is possible (to insert film print 20 cm x 80 cm)

Ballot Box

Dimensions: l: 40 cm x w: 20 cm, h: 100 cm

Material: MDF black, clear lacquered, lockable

Miscellaneous: both sides labelling options in removable frame w: 40 cm, l: 12 cm

Table Speaker's Desk

Dimensions: l: 70 cm x w: 50 cm, h: 38 cm

Material: wood with plastic-writing surface

Laptop Table

Dimensions: l: 45 cm x w: 45 cm, h: 96 cm

Material: wooden table top, legs chrome

Changeable Frame Racks

Dimensions: acrylic glass: 97 cm x 200 cm, baseplate: 
97 cm x 40 cm

Material: wood, change stand for acrylic frame


Dimensions: l: 95 cm x w: 95 cm

Material: wooden base white, glass cabinet

Miscellaneous: lockable, electricity needed for lighting in cabinet



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