Banquets – Fascinating & Tasteful

Our guests never fail to be impressed by our many years of experience in arranging festive occasions coupled with our extremely imaginative ideas. We offer exceptionally versatile venues in a conveniently central location, where we create a warm and authentic atmosphere to complement your banquet. First-class cuisine is provided by our reliable partner, Säntis Gastronomie AG. Our team will be delighted to advise you.

Banquet seating (rectangular tables)Banquet seating (round tables)         HallHall area    Height of HallCan be darkenedPrices (in CHF)
up to 250up to 150Restaurants< 280 m2partlyon request
up to 250up to 150Moststube Hall 5< 430 m2partlyto the offer
up to 500up to 3009.1.2< 1335 m25.00 myesto the offer
up to 1000up to 7003.1< 2665 m25.17 mpartlyto the offer
up to 1800up to 12009.1< 3940 m29.90 myesto the offer
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