St.Gallen is well worth a visit. Once. Twice. Over and over again. Because the Gallus City has succeeded in carrying its past into its future and so remaining delightfully up to date. St.Gallen blends tradition with progress, an asset seen at once in its cityscape. But here old also meets new and both evolve together in the cultural scene, in gastronomy and business. St.Gallen is diverse. St.Gallen is fascinating. Experience it.

Old town quarter

Stroll through the narrow lanes and admire the 111 oriel windows. Enjoy a latte macchiato in a charming street cafe after a shopping spree and later visit a traditional first-floor locale. Nowhere is it as easy as in St.Gallen!

Art in construction

A visit to St.Gallen means taking an architectural time trip. To the medieval Karlstor, the neo-Gothic Church of
St. Laurenzen, the Calatrava entrance to the Pfalzkeller and the modern Citylounge to name but a few.

St.Gallen University (HSG)

The HSG was founded in 1898 as a commercial academy. Today, it is one of Europe’s leading universities of economics. Around 5000 young people attend the educational institute at St.Gallen Rosenberg.

St.Gallen Abbey Library

The Carolingian Monastery plan of the St.Gallen Abbey Library, dating from 820 is a unique monument to architectural history. Other important sciences also find basic sources on this plan.


In addition to classic museums documenting history and development, St.Gallen also has several museums on various special regional features, such as a textile museum, beer bottle museum and the St.Gallen Kunsthalle.

St.Gallen Theatre

The oldest professional theatre playing in Switzerland. The programme always contains musical theatre, plays and dance shows, which are complemented by symphony concerts and the summertime Festival.

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