Concerts and cultural events – Fascinating & Entertaining

The regular concert, dance and comedy performances and art exhibitions in our halls never fail to fascinate visitors. On one hand, we offer versatile rooms, which can be combined. On the other hand, this is because we place great value on individual and creative design. It is this unique quality that awards every cultural event the desired degree of individuality. You formulate your wishes in terms of the number of people, technical requirements and ambiance and we’ll show you the possibilities.

Person capacity excluding fire wardensHallHall area Height of hallcan be darkenedPrices (in CHF)
up to 10009.1.21335 m25.00 myesto the offer
up to 24002.0*3095 m25.80 myesto the offer
up to 24003.0*2910 m25.93 myesto the offer
up to 38009.13940 m29.90 myesto the offer
up to 40009.0*7430 m25.30 mpartlyto the offer

* especially suitable for parties with high noise levels

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